Forspiro, a dry powder inhalation device

Forspiro, a dry powder inhalation device

Forspiro, a dry powder inhalation device

The inhaler contains 60 doses of powdered medication in a foil-wrapped, rolled-up ribbon. It has a dose counter that shows how many doses are left, counting down from 60 to 0. When you have reached the last 10 doses, the numbers will appear on a red background.

The inhaler is not refillable. So dispose of it when it is empty and replace it with a new one.

1. Open the transparent side opening of the chamber.
2. Carefully remove the aluminum tape from the side chamber by tearing the entire length of the tape against the “tooth” on the side of the chamber. Dispose it in the household waste. The tape must not be pulled or ripped.
3. Close the opening of the side chamber and discard the used tape.

While using the inhaler, the side chamber will gradually fill with used tape. Aluminum strips with black bars do not contain medication. There should never be more than 3 sections of aluminum tape in the side chamber, as they may cause the inhaler to clog.

The inhaler must be held in the hands.

4. Open the protective cover downwards to show the mouthpiece.
5. Lift the end of the white lever until it clicks. Remember: The white lever should only be operated when you are ready to inhale a dose of the medicine. If you play with the white lever, you will waste doses.
6. Fully close the white lever so that it clicks into place (you will hear a click). The inhaler is ready for immediate use.
7. Hold inhaler up-right. Do not cover the air intakes.
8. Exhale, emptying the lung.
9. Place the device between the lips and close them tightly.
10. Inhale constantly and deeply through the inhaler and not through the nose.
11. Hold your breath for 5 to 10 seconds.
12. Exhale slowly and gently. but not into the inhaler
13. Clean the device with a dry cloth after each use.
14. The protective cover must be closed over the mouthpiece.
15. A new metallic strip appeared on the side chamber, confirming that another dose of medication was taken.
16. Rinse your mouth with water after using the inhaler, do not swallow.

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