Demonstration of the use of the inhalation chamber

Demonstration of the use of the inhalation chamber

Demonstration of the use of the inhalation chamber

The chamber serves as an extension to the pressurized inhaler, delivering the drugs directly into the airways. The effectiveness of the treatment depends on the correct use of the device.

When purchasing the chamber with a face mask, the patient must make sure that the size of the face mask adapts correctly to the face in order to avoid leakage.

  1. The patient must be seated and calm;
  2. Place the chamber horizontally;
  3. Fit the mask on one of the ends;
  4. Warm up the device to body temperature;
  5. Remove the cap from the pressurized inhaler and shake it;
  6. Adapt the pressurized inhaler to the chamber in the L position;
  7. Adapt the mask well to your mouth and nose;
  8. Press the pressurized inhaler;
  9. Keep the mask well-adapted for about 20-30 seconds (which equals 5-6 breathing cycles) after pressing the inhaler.
  10. If you have to do more inhalations, you should wait 30 to 60 seconds and repeat the same steps;
  11. Move the chamber out of the way and remove the inhaler.
  12. Rinse your mouth with water after using the chamber with the inhaler, do not swallow.

To keep it clean, Weekly you should:

  • Dismantle all possible parts of the chamber;
  • Place them in a container with warm water and dishwashing liquid, for 15 minutes;
  • Rinse them with clean water;
  • Shake it to remove excess water;
  • Allow to dry in room air, in an upright position;
  • Put the pieces together when they are completely dry.

Replace the camera annually or whenever necessary.

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