Aerolizer, a dry powder inhaler

Aerolizer, a dry powder inhaler

Aerolizer, a dry powder inhaler

Aerolizer, a dry powder inhaler.

  1. Remove the cover. Open the capsule chamber by turning the nozzle in the direction of the arrow.
  2. Detach the blister cap.
  3. Place the capsule in the compartment at the base of the inhaler. Close the compartment until you hear a “click”.
  4. With the device upright, press the 2 buttons simultaneously, only once.
  5. Exhale deeply.
  6. Place the mouthpiece between your teeth, with your tongue underneath and your lips closed.
  7. Breathe in quickly and deeply. (You should hear or feel the capsule vibrate)
  8. Hold your breath for 5 to 10 seconds.
  9. Exhale slowly.
  10. Confirm that the capsule has been emptied completely.
  11. You can repeat the inhalation again to empty it completely.
  12. Clean the device with a dry cloth after each use
  13. Close and replace the cover.
  14. You should rinse your mouth with water after using the inhaler, you should not swallow.

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