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Living is a constant transformation with multiple obstacles and challenges. The diseases will always be part of your life, but they don’t have to define it.

Now we know that chronic diseases, with an increasing presence in the world population, have a great impact on the years of life lived in good health.

The understanding of the disease and the needed life style changes are the basis of the treatment of any disease, specially chronic diseases. But there are few tools that allow patients to learn about their condition.

Wiselife was founded by two Family Doctors that felt the need to do more to improve their patients quality of life. It is a digital and innovative platform, dedicated to the management of your chronic disease, totally patient-centred and with the necessary information to improve your quality of life, guiding your choices in key moments of life, allowing you to feel free to live.

Have at Wiselife a partner who allow you to learn about your (or your family’s) chronic disease, and can accompany you in controlling your disease, optimizing the aspects of your life that allow you to live better.


Provide high quality health information and tools, created by qualified professionals, with a constant focus on the patient, its needs, pace and space.


Being an innovative company, promoting a conscious health digitalization.


Get to know the platform

Chronic diseases are non-transmissible, like Diabetes Mellitus, Cancer and Cardiovascular Diseases, and develop in result of the interaction between genetics and the exposure of environmental risk factors.

By definition, chronic diseases do not have a cure, but they can be controlled with pharmacological treatment and life style modifications.

In the last few decades it has been noticed an increase in the chronic diseases prevalence, mostly due to the exposure to risk factors, mainly to tabaco consumption, sedentarism, abuse of alcoholic drinks, unhealthy diets and air pollution. As these factors can be modified, it is important that the patients understand what they can change in their daily life to minimize the consequences of their disease.

According to World Health Organization, chronic diseases are responsible to more than 70% of all death in the world, including 15 million people that die prematurely, which means, aged between 30 and 69 years old.

Why using Wiselife?


There are many benefits of using the Wiselife platform. Here you can find out about different aspects of your life in a didactic and innovative way.


See content wherever you want, whenever you want.


All content created by qualified professionals.


A new way to access the information you need.

Why recommend Wiselife to your patients?

The goals of care for the chronically ill are not only to treat, but also to improve the functional status, minimizing symptoms and prolonging life with quality.

Wiselife allows Health Professionals to improve the management of chronic diseases and optimize their consultation time. With Wiselife, the professional gives the patient a tool that will allow them to develop core competencies about their disease, in their own space and at their own pace.

Why having Wiselife in your Clinic / Hospital?

Wiselife is an innovative healthcare project, allowing institutions to optimize the time and productivity of their professionals, as well as offering their patients a differentiating service.

Our Content


Wiselife believes that all information must be didactic, credible and of quality, that’s why we create content in different formats, so that it is easier to learn how to improve your quality of life.


We created a Blog dedicated to health and wellness issues.


Creative illustrations with information designed especially for your day-to-day.


Videos with health professionals on the topics covered.

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Wiselife is a partner that accompanies you throughout your life and in controlling the disease, optimizing different aspects of health and improving the quality of life.

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